WholeBody Enneagram Cph 2015 (Sept 7-8)


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Searching’ for sustainable personal growth? The WholeBody Enneagram can help you find and open those doors.



Saturday, September 7-8 (Monday & Tuesday), 2015, both days: 8.30 – 17.00


Danish Architecture Centre, Strandgade 27B, 1401 Copenhagen, Denmark – www.dac.dk/en


Early-bird € 600 (+ vat 24 % ) if you register by April 1st (payment by end of April)
€ 650 (+ vat 24 % ) if you register by June 1st (payment by end of June)
Regular Price € 700 (+ vat 24 % )

Price includes light breakfasts and lunches


Sari  + 358 40 557 3086 or sari.ajanko@diversitas.fi

This workshop co-facilitated by Jim Grant and Sari Ajanko is a
fusion of the Enneagram and WholeBody Focusing

Bente Boe • Leadership Development Unlimited
+45 2618 3965 • boe@LeadershipDevelopmentUnlimited.com


WholeBody Enneagram

The universe is a living unity, a conscious intelligence having free will, feeling and purpose. All nature including the human self dies and is reborn through the act of creation. With each expansion and contraction and every breathing in and out, human essence seeks our unique relationship to the greater whole.

What is the Whole Body Enneagram?

The goal of the Sufi Enneagram is healing through our inner struggle to become a fair-minded and balanced person. The process guides us to ‘know our self’, reality, truth, and how to control our passions with a balanced sense of reason.

It’s learning how to use your whole body to experience the Enneagram. To use an exercise metaphor, working solely on your Enneagram type is like exercising a particular set of muscles strengthening personality attachment. Working with what’s common to us all ‘Cognition, Affect and Behaviors’ is like having your very own fitness trainer for growth.

Why is it so powerful?

Our body is the means for interpreting all life experiences meeting this greater struggle taking place. We each answer a call to become conscious of our place in the universe returning to our original nature and inner goodness.

The process activates as we explore the hidden meaning of our true nature. You can learn to use your whole body to know the outward form of things and your inner essence and eternal beauty.


“Jim and Sari teach the essence of the Rumi Enneagram through their WholeBody work. Joining their workshops gives you an opportunity to come to ‘Know Your Real Self’ as a fair and just person!”

– Laleh Bakhtiar, Ph.D
– Psychotherapist, Author, Teacher.

Jim Grant

Jim Grant is a Certified WholeBody Focusing Therapist & Trainer, Certified Master Integral Coach™ and Enneagram Teacher.


“Jim is a skilled Professional WholeBody Focusing Trainer and Therapist certified by the Focusing Institute of New York. He teaches with heart and enthusiasm…”  – Karen Whalen, Ph.D – Certifying Coordinator, WholeBody Focusing



Sari Ajanko @SariAjanko
+ 358 40 557 3086

Sari Ajanko is Professional Certified Coach (PCC, ICF-certified), Certified Business Coach Master®, and a Trainer of Coaching skills, a Trainer/Coach of Enneagram Professionals in the Narrative Tradition.


“Sari is both a master coach and  a masterful Enneagram teacher.  Even more, she is the ‘real deal’, an example of integrity and presence!” 

– Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Ph.D.  Author,
best selling Enneagram-business books



DOWNLOAD BROCHURE (Lataa esite): WholeBody Enneagram Cph