WholeBody Focusing Practitioner Program 2019-2020

Our next (2nd) WholeBody Focusing Practitioner Program will begin in 2018. Contact us for more information.

DOWNLOAD BROCHURE for an earlier (2018-19) Program (Lataa esite jo käynnissä olevasta ohjelmasta):Diversitas_WholeBodyFocusingPractitioner

”Only when we are able to be present to ourselves, can we be present to another.”

Who is this for?

Coaches, counselors, therapists, HR professionals and leaders.


By applying this methodology you can learn to help yourself, your peers and clients to:

  • Transform their depth of listening, accessing their own ‘inner wisdom’
  • Cultivate their ‘Observer’ capacities and capabilities
  • Sit with and explore strong emotions, feelings and bodily sensations
  • Navigate through limiting beliefs and move towards new ways of seeing, being and living
  • Co-develop practices that challenge current thinking and patterns of behavior
  • Develop relational practices to deepen connection with people you meet, with yourself and shine light on your self care

Sustainable change happens by changing how we think… Our practitioner program is for people seeking to move from “me to We”.:

Head-based (thinking about) change is a hit and miss process. Being a change architect is not so much about what we say or do, it depends on the inner space from where live our lives daily.

Establishing trust with people, organizations we work in and the connection we have with ourselves; they all begin with a relationship, exploring possibilities and then taking action.

It’s an invitation to shift from where we are currently focused and operating, to where we need to be living and contributing to something greater than our small selves.

It offers the support we need to see our ‘blind spots’ preventing personal growth, development and for specialists with careers in coaching, mentoring, training, human resources, management and leaders.


Journey to Wholeness -workshop. An Introduction to WholeBody Focusing (January 26-27, 2019 – or one of the earlier workshops) • Paid separately (€ 600 + vat 24 %)


• Beginning – One training day in April 2019 (TBD – To Be Decided)
• Weekly practice with assigned listening partner (another member from our Practitioner group)
• Three monthly coaching calls with Jim Grant (April, May, June)
• One day of training in June (TBD)
• One day of training in August (TBD)
• Weekly practice with a new listening partner from the Practitioner group
• Six monthly coaching calls with Jim Grant (August, September, October, November, December, January)
• Completion Day in spring 2020 (TBD)
• Upon successful completion of all requirements you are certified and will receive a certificate as a WholeBody Focusing Practitioner.

In total 2 + 4 days of training, 9 coaching calls and weekly practices.

N.B. Only eight (8) participants will be accepted on this training.

Applicants should submit a brief summary of their career and professional activities to date, their broader interests outside of work, and their hopes and desired outcomes from taking the training.


Free participation in the next Journey to Wholeness -workshop in March 2020


Part I € 1.800 + vat 24 % (in April)
Part II € 1.800 + vat 24 % (in September)

Total investment € 3.600 + vat 24 % = € 4.464

1) You can also choose to pay in four installments of € 900 + vat 24 %
(in April, August, November and January)

28 CCEU Credits

Jim Grant

Jim Grant is a Certifying Coordinator/Master Trainer (Focusing Insitute), Certified WholeBody Focusing Trainer, Certified Master Integral Coach (PCC, ICF-certified) and Advanced Practitioner, CIT (Certified Integral Therapist Training Program)

“Jim is a skilled Professional WholeBody Focusing Trainer certified by the Focusing Institute of New York. He teaches with heart and enthusiasm…”

– Karen Whalen, Ph.D Certifying Coordinator,
WholeBody Focusing, The Focusing Institute


Sari Ajanko @SariAjanko
+ 358 40 557 3086

Sari Ajanko is a Certified WholeBody Focusing Trainer, Certified Business Coach Master (PCC, ICF-certified)  and NLP Trainer.


”Sari’s steady and good-hearted presence make her a lively and genuine Wholebody Focusing facilitator. This, together with her years of experience in coaching and her passion for relational dynamics, offer a foundation of wisdom and safety for workshop participants.”

– Karen Whalen, Ph.D
Certifying Coordinator, WholeBody
Focusing, The Focusing Institute


DOWNLOAD BROCHURE for an earlier  rogram (Lataa esite jo käynnissä olevasta ohjelmasta):Diversitas_WholeBodyFocusingPractitioner