TABLES OF TEN – a Global Leadership Experience for 21st Century Leaders

Imagine a leadership journey that lets you get to know yourself better and also connects you with a network of like-minded people across the globe…

Imagine a leadership journey that enables you to increase understanding of your impact on others and also creates opportunities for you to have an impact with others in making a difference in the world…

Imagine a leadership journey where you develop qualities and capabilities that support you in the future and also equip your business or organisation to support a future for others…

Imagine the opportunity to sit down as one of nine leaders with a Global Leadership Fellow for half a day each month to create this journey and…

You have… 

Your very own… 

Table of Ten

Tables of Ten 

This Global Leadership Experience is created by Global Leadership Foundation and was launched in September 2017 in Australia. Now emerging through Global Leadership Foundations group of passionate Global Leadership Fellows in Europe, Asia and North America.

Global Leadership Foundation invites you to join a Table of Ten. This is your opportunity to spend a half day each month for nine month with eight other like-minded leaders and a Global Leadership Fellow.

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Tables of Ten is designed to engage leaders on many levels


    • You’ll make a positive difference to yourself, to others and to the entire planet.
    • Each Table of Ten is facilitated by one of our experienced Global Leadership Fellows, and offers multiple benefits.
    • You will learn more about your own leadership by connecting with other leaders around the world.
    • This nine-month journey has been designed to ensure you’ll benefit from a range of outcomes.
    • This Leadership Experience has focus on using the power of business to create a positive impact on the world and generate shared and long-lasting prosperity for all.
  • Tables of Ten is for those who want to better understand themselves, the impact they have  and the difference they can make.

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Join a Table of Ten

Are you ready to enhance your leadership journey and make a difference to the people you lead, your organisation, your community and the wider world? Would you like to be part of the first European Tables of Ten?

Go to the global Tables of Ten website and pre-register without obligation.