An Inner Work Retreat taught by Beatrice Chestnut
and Uranio Paes • SEPTEMBER 16 – 20, 2017 HELSINKI, FINLAND

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Wisdom tradition tells us that it is in becoming aware of our animal nature and using the capacity for conscious reflection (we as humans uniquely
have) that we develop the ability to routinely impose an inner witness and observe our instinctual reactions and our passions in action. This kind of inner work gives us the power to intervene to intercept automatic behavior (stimulated by the interaction of the dominant instinct and the lower
emotional center) and transcend to a higher level of consciousness. This retreat will support and encourage you in doing this inner work by providing
the information, the experiences, the support, and the path to consciously rise above the habitual automatic reactivity of your personality.


✔ to recognize and understand defensive behavior driven by your instincts operating through your personality (sub)type patterns
✔ to see how your passion and instinctual sequence operate as a unified system
✔ to gain insight into how your passion combines with your instinctual needs to shape unconscious behavior
✔ much more about the ways in which the 6 instinctual sequences and the 27 subtypes manifest
✔ to become more conscious of unconscious, instinct-driven behavior and how to intercept it
✔ to compassionately support yourself in doing the work of seeing your animal nature and becoming more human through creating and receiving support around a plan for your self-work

Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel, Helsinki, Finland Ruoholahdenranta 3, 00180 Helsinki
(the same hotel where the IEA Helsinki conference will be held)

DATES September 16-20, 2017

SCHEDULE Daily 9.00 – 17.00, except on Tuesday the 19th also
an evening class until 20.00.

COST EUR 2.000 + VAT 24 % *)
Early bird o er: EUR 1.900 + VAT 24 %*) when you pay by July 31
*) For countries other than Finland, please ask Sari about VAT – in most cases it won’t be added if you have a company and can provide VAT number.

Full refund provided up to 30 days prior to class. Up to 14 days prior to class 25% of class fee will be charged. Less than 14 days prior to class, no refund will be provided.

Uranio Paes

Uranio Paes, MM is internationally recognized as a leading Enneagram facilitator, coach, and organization development consultant. Originally from Brazil, but now residing in London, he has worked in corporate settings for over two decades and now specializes in doing spiritual, transformational work with groups and individuals based in the Enneagram. A former president of the IEA, Uranio is founder and lead teacher of MundoEneagrama.com, an online and o ine global Enneagram learning community.

Beatrice Chestnut

Beatrice Chestnut, PhD MA is a licensed psychotherapist, coach, and business consultant based in San Francisco. She has a PhD in communication studies, and an MA in clinical psychology. A student of the Enneagram system since 1990, she is author of the books, The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge, and The 9 Types of Leadership: Mastering the Art of People in the 21st century Workplace.



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DOWNLOAD BROCHURE Rising Above flyer – Helsinki Sept 2017