WholeBody Focusing Meets Integral in Canada (Jan 10 & 11, 2015)


Lataa Esite: Diversitas ja WholeBody Focusing

When was the last time you stood still long enough to truly see yourself?

Reconnecting to our innate Body Wisdom



Saturday, January 10, 2015, 08:30 – 5:30 Sunday, January 11, 2015, 08:30 – 5:30


Brock University, 500 Glenridge Avenue St. Catharines, Ontario L2S 3A1


Regular Price $750 + HST (13%) Introductory Offering $500 + HST (13%) Early-bird December 8, 2014 $450 + HST

Deposit of $200 to reserve space (Sign up by December 8, 2014)
Contact: Kirsty by E: kirsty.spence@brocku.ca P: 289-690-0728


What is WholeBody Focusing?

• Reflectively listening with my whole body in my aliveness.
• Connecting to my internal and external environment.
• Accessing and safely removing blocks to my life experiences.
• A supportive and unbiased approach of how to be present to my life.

What you’ll learn?

• The “secret” of our default to the status quo.
• How the brain and body keep us stuck in the past.
• Innovative ways to design and adopt new behaviours.
• How your bodily felt sense is a doorway you can choose to open.
• The function of the  body’s positive and negative feedback systems are keys to change.

Why it’s So Effective?

• We habitually ignore change signals that reinforce an illusion of temporary stability.
• We learn how to collaborate with our body’s natural wisdom.
• We work directly with our thought patterns and instinctual behaviours.
• We stimulate and Invite our natural curiosity and nurture our self-development.
• I may not know how to be with something in my life, but something within me does.
• I invite a sense of my ‘other’ to be informed by my body as it is constantly growing and developing new
‘book marks’ for my

Journey to Wholeness…

Jim Grant

Jim Grant is a Certified WholeBody Focusing Therapist & Trainer (Focusing Institute™), Certified Master Integral Coach (Integral Coaching Canada™), and Enneagram Teacher (Riso-Hudson)


“Jim is a skilled Professional WholeBody Focusing Trainer and Therapist certified by the Focusing Institute of New York. He teaches with heart and enthusiasm…”  – Karen Whalen, Ph.D – Certifying Coordinator, WholeBody Focusing



Sari Ajanko @SariAjanko
+ 358 40 557 3086

Sari Ajanko is Professional Certified Coach (PCC, ICF-certified), Certified Business Coach Master®, and a Trainer of Coaching skills, a Trainer/Coach of Enneagram Professionals in the Narrative Tradition.


“Sari is apprenticing to be a WholeBody Focusing Practitioner. She has helped develop and facilitates WholeBody Focusing and WholeBody Enneagram workshops with Jim.”  

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Lataa Esite: Diversitas ja WholeBody Focusing