Leadership Coaching

Johdon ja esimiesten coaching. Joko yksilötasolla tai tiimivalmennuksena.

Yksilöllisessä valmennuksessa keskitytään ajankohtaisiin johtamishaasteisiin ja johtajana kehittymiseen mm. itsetuntemusta lisäämällä. Prosessit muodostuvat useammasta tapaamiskerrasta (tapaamiset joustavasti, face-to-face tai virtuaalisesti).

Tiimivalmennuksessa (esim. johtoryhmä) on mukana sekä yksilö- että tiimitapaamisia.

Varaa aika esitapaamiseen veloituksetta. Saat sen perusteella henkilökohtaisen yhteistyöehdotuksen.


Jim is a master of his craft. His knowledge and insight is like none I have ever experienced. He has opened my eyes and mind to possibilities which I never dreamed were attainable (and I’m a big dreamer!!). My overall outlook of myself and life has changed based on just a few short sessions with him. He is caring, understanding and honest. Overall just a great guy! Keep up the great work Jim!”

Jim brings both his big heart and his embodiment of the Integral Coaching® method to his work and these, working in tandem make Jim a wonderful coach who listens deeply and holds each client with the greatest of care.”

“It has been a pleasure to work with Sari. She is a very professional coach who with her unique and pleasant style helps you to recognize and focus on your strengths and via developing them further to become even better in what you do.”

Sari is excellent, professional business coach. During that time I had her as my business coach, I travelled a long journey with myself. The way she works with you is a dream – you fall in love with your inner person and your teacher too :). Thank you!”