Executive Coaching

Ylimmän johdon (ja johtoryhmien) coaching.

Yksittäiset tapaamiset ja pitemmät prosessit.

Esitapaaminen veloituksetta.

Tutustu Jimiin.

Tutustu Sariin.


Sari is a highly inspiring and intuitive coach, who quickly puts her finger on the key issues. She has a unique way of approaching the topics with methods that are not always self-evident, but which bring out many such thoughts/emotions/issues/topics that would not come up otherwise. I had a super time with her at a very important turning point of my career. I would warmly recommend her to anybody seeking change or development! “

“When working with Jim, I feel as though the possibilities for my life are endless. Jim makes is possible for me to step more fully and wholly into my work and my relationships because he tells me the truth about myself and encourages me to keep growing. His presence as a coach and energy worker are life giving and have produced beautiful and transformational results in my life.”