Emotional Fitness: Self Trust by Jim Grant


Trust is a noun, founded upon abilities, strength and the truth of someone or something. Self-Trust is much more – it’s alive! An un-erring contract with your self, trusting life’s optimal outcomes will happen for you. When it’s deep, experience is an unquestioned security in how you live your life. Connected to self-trust fires imagination and inspiration; obstacles are no more than illusions.

Developing self-trust requires practice. Having faith in your capacity to co-design ‘self-alignment principles and practices’ orient you to “true north”. Releasing old ways of being can be confusing, because it feels like you don’t know what will support you. The question we inevitably stumble over is ‘will I and others like the new me’? 

Self-trust is defined as not being limited by past choices and decisions. Neither is it relying solely on what you think or feel about yesterday. You meet life knowing: “I may not know how to be or do something, but something in me does”.  

Jim Grant is an executive and leadership coach living in Helsinki, Finland. Are you seeking new ways of inspiring and leading people? Give him a call +358 40 178 1030 or by e-mail: jim.grant@diversitas.fi

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