Clean Language 27.4

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Metaphorical Symbolism – A Somatic Connection to Self and Others

In the space of ‘not knowing’ asking the fast-track question,
“What would I like to have happen?” takes you much deeper than
you can ever imagine…

Time: Friday, April 27th from 9 am to 5 pm
Place: Era Nova bookstore, Kasarmikatu 2
Price: € 300 + vat 24 % = € 372 Trainer: Caitlin Walker
Assistant Trainer: Stuart Clark Sponsors: Sari Ajanko & Jim Grant

Language is a bridge, symbolism to help move thoughts. Metaphors are bridges expressing relationships of meaning making. Metaphors help to define and shape life, make thinking intense, and structure personal perceptions and understanding.

This is an excellent opportunity to observe Clean Language
and Symbolic Modelling with you in the focus of the learning. You’ll experience and share learning outcomes with other participants through practice, observation and asking questions about the depth and versatility this coaching methodology offers.

David Grove (Clean Questions founder) said symptoms contain the seeds of our personal deep healing. Your will and breath are synonymous. Expressing intention is using your will to explore symptoms in a metaphor. Breathing, is the access point, of expressing will into your whole body, exploring a symptom revealing untapped resources.

Caitlin will conduct short sessions demonstrating how to
‘parcel’ out someone’s outcomes into their more metaphoric components and go on to pay exquisite attention to those metaphors so that they are able to confess their strengths. This is an opportunity to explore personal ‘material’, set your outcome and have someone ask you Clean

Questions to expand and express it. The practice of using Clean Questions to gives a client get a deeper insight into their own intractable symptoms.

FOR WHO: Coaches, trainers, facilitators, consultants, counsellors, therapists and anyone working closely with people. It is also an excellent opportunity to work with yourself.

PREPARATION FOR THE WORKSHOP: Caitlin will share a preparation exercise before the event, called ‘Pronoun-scapes.’ The exercise serves to orient and attune listening to key Clean Questions. See Caitlin’s TedX talk (link below).

More about Caitlin:

Book: From contempt to curiosity – creating the conditions
for groups to collaborate – with clean language and systemic

Caitlin’s Tedx talk – Good introduction to Clean
Questions and Metaphor models:

More about Sari & Jim:

Both Jim and Sari and Leadership Coaches (PCC).
Together they teach WholeBody Focusing, which is a
powerful somatic method. They are highly inspired by
Clean Language and incorporate it into their own work.

Inquiries and registering:

DOWNLOAD BROCHURE (Lataa esite):Metaphorical Symbolism