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Where have you not been in authority?

As you read and reflect, where does your attention go?

The question may summon personal evidence where a lack of awareness prevented seeing the current reality. I find, mirroring my thoughts helps shine a light on how my autonomic responses to the physical world reality are the riposte of an unfulfilled desire or outcome. Mechanical responses provide scant insight, unyielding to the “what is” vice “what was expected or desired.”

By leaning into my awareness of reality, underlines my proclivity for ‘either/or’ and separative thinking. My lack of distinction starkly contrasts ‘seeing the world as I want to see it’ versus ‘not as it is.’ In kind, gravity cares not if I know about its forces as they simply, beautifully and chaotically, arise in every moment. This perspective helps explain how a physical law insists upon its evidence of something inside quantum’s greater continuum.

Our inclination bias tends to collapse towards the apparent futility of human struggle. This perspective may be correct yet is also partial. Within the diversity of thinking where “I’m right, you’re wrong,” “I win, you lose” mindsets, are inumerable pivot-points of de-coherent discourse.

The tender roots of nerve-jangling dissonances are rhizomes of Newtonian mindsets nourished by the same reductionism, nano-sized processes, separatist and self-interest living.

If I say something with a conviction that I know “this is how it is,” I’m freezing my reality and crystallizing it. My way of seeing something is only a perspective, my worldview, and though entirely up to me and true to me, it’s still constricted and sometimes constipated thinking. Observing quantum experiments orients us towards the evidence science offers, that nothing exists for us until we observe it. When I experience and appreciate my personality self as the observer effect in an “Observer-Created Reality,” I can step onto and cross the bridge into the role of the self-authoring me in my life; a Hidden Truth quantum offers us.

If I view someone, something or an idea as witless or disconnected, I’m blueprinting and manifesting my reality this way. If I see a person, a concept or work of art as brilliant, this too becomes my reality. It’s so simple – yet a life altering world-view, a most profound perspective that we can live with. Quantum science echoes evidence of it’s “witnessing or observer effect.” It’s so curious to realize that the physical world we see, is shaped and affected by our observation of it.

To help differentiate and choose between finite Newtonian thinking, shifting towards Holism thinking, we can proactively condition ourselves with a second Hidden Truth – “Quantum Thinking” I can use inviting me to step back and consider asking the same three questions:

Why – the purpose or reason behind the need?

How – the means, values, and beliefs supporting the Why and,

What – the product, service or idea offered with integrity from your Why and How


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Jim is an executive and leadership coach living in Helsinki, Finland.


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