Skipping Stones / by Jim Grant



The well-dressed red-faced lady sitting in front of me exploded, “Why the hell do I have to pay attention to what I think?” and “What does this have to do with helping me resolve my issues?” She was a freshly minted CEO of a cosmetic company and under considerable stress launching a new product line.

After some expectant moments of silence I offered: “As a little girl, did you ever play skipping stones?” Her brow wrinkled and her face lit up. “Why of course I did… with my dad, it was so much fun.”

I continued, “Personally, I notice when I’m selective and intentional with my thoughts, my choice of words and actions are more effective when I speak, and what’s more my listener receives that message”.

As a coach, I can opt for presence through my own awareness. An act of will is my choice, such as skipping stones on a pond. However small the stone (or my thought), each creates its own ripple effect. I have no idea how far that stone will go and there’s a consistency around my own thoughts.

‘Thoughts are and become things’. The intention of and releasing my thought (stone) creates significantly more effects. Once released I cannot know where it will end up and I have little knowledge of what effect there will be. I can only watch… observe, and hopefully learn…


Jim Grant is Executive Coach living in Helsinki, Finland. 

Curious about learning how to skip metaphorical stones? Give Jim a call at +358 40 178 1030 or an e-mail at