Leadership – An act of presence (V) / by Jim Grant


Finding Presence

Finding presence is not suppressing your emotions. It’s being able to have a compassionate relationship with yourself.

Feeling and sitting with the fiery sensation of anger, adding no thoughts is being truthful about what you are feeling.

Noticing what is arising in you in the moment and opening to vulnerability is a capacity, a virtue to be developed.

Frustration, uncertainty and fear are like clouds and not solid.  Courage is the right arm of presence, self trust it the left.

You need both arms to hold something scary and painful. Waiting in your darkness and discomfort is what helps relax hot energies.

It’s the only way you’ll ever find peace inside.

Leadership – An act of Presence (IV) / by Jim Grant


Integral as Presence

Look at your outstretched hand for a moment. Now close your hand to make a fist. Opposites of each other, they have something in common. If your hand is always clenched as a fist or always out-stretched, you experience paralysis. Relationally, each is still part of your whole body but respectively, stating and fulfilling a very different function.

Leaders’ know their deepest thoughts are examples of their presence (or not).  In every small contracting and expanding, a thought-form gives rise to dissonance or seeking balance. Leadership can be experienced as an energy of conflicting forces or an integral presence creating a vital system where the whole is greater than its parts.

Yin and yang are in everything i.e. shadow cannot exist without light. Either of these two aspects inhabits a potential to manifest more strongly depending on the criterion of our inner observer. The Tao symbol offers us how presence becomes possible between two opposites when holding a portion of the opposite element in each part.

Leadership – An Act of Presence (III) / by Jim Grant


The Impact of Presence

Presence depends on how I recognize myself as a part of something that’s already whole. If you’re in a leadership role you know how your contact impacts another. Sub-consciously, it’s conveyed through gestures and tone of voice. What eludes most of us is how subtly our presence (or lack of) registers itself in the shadows of awareness. The impressing of tentative key pieces of information is critical. Your whole body carefully scans seemingly insignificant pieces of information validating a notion of a transitory trust. An experience of your own grounded presence pivots like weathervane on mutual confidence pointing to what’s being explored. Curiosity and our willingness to connect reveal new areas to be shared, inviting deeper contact when perceived as safe to do so.

Filtering of our fields of sensory inputs, cautious adaptation invokes our innate ‘knowing’. Introspective testing, a refining process of attunement is how we learn what and how much to share. This offers the potential of how we can relax into a subtler precise shifting of a shared consciousness. A critical moment follows as our whole body’s somatic sensitivity entrained awareness begins opening. A discerned skill, with training and practice a part of us knows faultlessly how to access this implicit state. Only then, something desiring to be known, understood and wisely directed is offered and… not before.

If the above article has peaked your curiosity, I’m happy to share more information of its potential use.

Leadership – An Act Of Presence (II) / by Jim Grant


Leadership – An Act Presence (II)

Presence – a person or something existing or present in a place that is unseen.

I took this picture yesterday afternoon at the lake. Examine it very closely. Something is hidden here? What is it you feel, sense, see or intuit exploring it?

Nurturing contact with our presence involve conditions covered by the two words: Contact and Impact.

Contact is a setting in your environment until now unknown or measured that has come to the mind. It’s something vague and indefinite that is making its presence felt. This something has usually has been sensed earlier as a theoretical probability, and then invoked by the directed and conscious attention of the one who has sensed its presence, and finally contact is made.

Leave your thoughts in a few words, I’d love to hear what you experienced.

Drop by next week to read about Impact.

Leadership – An Act of Presence / by Jim Grant


Leadership – An Act of Presence

The Ethnologue directory of world languages currently lists 6909 living languages. Every language has its own word, sense and context for the meaning of presence in leadership…

How do you connect with yours?

teenwoordigheid – Afrikaans, অস্তি – Bengali, առկայություն Armenian, 存在 – Chinese, حضرة – Arabic aanwezigheid – Dutch, esinduslikkus – Estonian, iştirak – Azerbaijani, прысутнасць – Belarusian,
prisustvo – Bosnian, bertan emote – Basque, saapuvillaolo – Finnish, prisustvo – Croatian, Portugese – presença, پیش – Farsi, nærværelse – Danish, prezans – Hatian Creole, ມີ – Lao, Anwesenheit – German, आकृति – Hindi, prezentace – Czech, láithreacht – Galic, プレゼンス – Japanese, présence – French, παρουσία – Greek, närvaro – Swedish, การมี – Thai, இருத்தல் – Tamil, Presence – English, ubukhona – Zulu, उपस्थिति – Nepali, حاضری – Urdu, cospetto – Italian, aparycja – Polish,    면전 – Korean, внешний вид – Russian, nærvær – Norwegian nærvera – Icelandic, presencia – Spanish, and many more…